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Thanks to USA Cycling coach, Marc Walter, here’s another tested route. This is a good one for a group where people may want to peel off at different times. There are plenty of rolling hills and a few good flat sections if intervals are part of your plan. The stretch on 79 N has quite a lot of traffic, but stay right and when you make the turn, the road gets real nice.

Rest/Supply Stops:

Bait/supply shop on the corner of Hwy 79 & Raymond Rd

Gas station in Ceresco, just south of where CR-A intersects with Hwy 77.

Casey’s in Ashland.

Workout tip:

This route, in general, is good for a lower endurance pace ride and learning how to pace yourself. Start off slow and finish strong. Keep the cadence up. Minimize bogging down in a big gear on this hilly course. Stay hydrated and nourished. You’ll also want to minimize your time spent above endurance levels otherwise you will be crawling home towards the end and maybe crawling around for days to come.