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We’re a motley crew of roadies, gravel grinders and off-road enthusiasts devoted to spreading two-wheeled love to our friends and patrons.

At Joyride we have a serious obsession with providing our customers with kickass bikes to achieve their goals – whether it’s performance, recreation, commuting or that special sense of freedom found only on a bicycle. We’ve got the bikes for ANY ONE—from your three-year-old toddler, to your feisty Aunt Betty—to find the joy in ANY RIDE.

Our Joyride crew of “Grizz,” “Zorba,” “Kosy,” and the rest have over fifty years experience between us. We have the mechanical know-how needed to bring your current bike into great running condition or to customize a new bike of your dreams; and everything in between. More importantly, we have a desire to help you get the most out of your rides—from routine maintenance tips to proper nutrition to the best gear to great ride routes—because we understand the best part isn’t about the destination, it’s about how you get there.

It’s not a coincidence we put “joy” in our name. Stop by the shop and see for yourself.